Distribution of Press Releases

Distribution of Press Releases

How to Improve Local SEO Using Press Releases

Press release distribution has been around for a while. It’s one of the techniques digital marketers use to get their company in front of a larger audience. However, there has been a lot of discussions lately about press releases and SEO. While many individuals believe it is an outdated technique that has lost its appeal, others disagree.

Is it still necessary to create press releases for SEO? Is it worth spending money on press release distribution? These are just a few of the many questions regarding press release distributions. There is no simple solution to any of them. In this post, we’ll look at how press releases fit into SEO and the methods that work best.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a short, official statement composed by a company owner, public relations professional, or marketer that are distributed to targeted members of the media. It’s generally used to deliver succinct information about an event or make an announcement.

The goal of producing this sort of story is to pique the interest of a journalist, publication, or news source and have it included in a news report. Press releases may be distributed in a variety of formats, including text, audio, and video.

What is Press Release Distribution?

The problem is that, no matter how well-written your press release is, you need to know how to distribute it in front of the appropriate people. This is the only opportunity for you to profit from your press release, and it’s referred to as distribution.

Press release distribution is sending out your press release to journalists and other members of the media. There are several options available. You can do it manually by making outreaches or contracting a professional press release distribution service to relieve you of the burden.

What Are the SEO Benefits of Press Release?

Even though you know your company, website, or brand will be mentioned and published in news and media if you see “used by professionals,” it should tell you that press releases are beneficial for exposure. They may be an excellent instrument for improving a website’s SEO if done correctly.

A press release is a great way to position your company or product in the minds of people who may potentially be interested in what you have to offer. You can use them not just as a source for high-quality backlinks, but also to help redirect visitors from reading and sharing news stories to your website. Every time you utilize a news media quote in an article, you will receive a link pointing to your site. Backlinks from news organizations and media outlets are almost always high-quality, natural links. 

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More Benefits of Press Release

Huge and natural foot traffic

A press release may increase the SEO of a website by attracting more visitors to it. A press release may also help you attract local foot traffic to your store, even if you have a brick-and-mortar location. You only need to submit your news release to a suitable outlet, then sit back and wait for the traffic to arrive.

More sales

A well-targeted press release may make a significant impact on your bottom line, whether you’re launching a new product or an exclusive series. Make use of the press release to inform people about your premium offers and savings. It will undoubtedly pique more people’s attention than you can ever expect.

Press Release and SEO; is it Still Worth it?

Press releases have changed over time, and they are no longer what they were. Many individuals in the past had misused the method, which had done considerable damage to press releases. Marketers today use spammy, low-quality material to flood press release platforms rather than producing them to get a journalist to cover their story. All they care about is the backlink that results from submitting their article on the platform.

However, press releases are not obsolete. If you know how to write engaging and compelling press releases, the entire process of generating a press release may still be worthwhile. It can still provide your brand with plenty of exposure while also providing your site’s SEO the boost it requires.

We can therefore conclude that press releases still have an effect on SEO, but it all depends on your purpose. Your objective should not be to obtain a link from a press release alone. Instead, strive to provide quality material that journalists and news organizations will want to cover.

Tips for Creating and Sharing Your Press Release for the Best Result

#1: Know how to write a good press release

There is a distinct approach to producing a winning press release piece, just like any other form of writing. If you’ve never written one before, consider enlisting the help of a professional content author.

Remember, you’re submitting the story to a journalist. It’s not easy to write from a journalist’s standpoint. As a result, you may wish to hire someone who specializes in writing this sort of article.

#2: Make sure your press release covers something newsworthy

Make sure your goal is properly defined before beginning to write a compelling and newsworthy piece. Recognize your target audience, use correct grammar and style, and respect the rules of grammar. Keep it simple by using good spacing and a catchy title for your press release.

#3: Know your audience

There’s no way to create a newsworthy press release without first knowing who your target audience is. To meet your objective, spend some time researching demographics and customers. If your target market is seniors, for example, there should be a cap on the number of contemporary phrases you use in the press release.

#4: Keep it concise

Make sure your press release isn’t spammy by avoiding releasing overly long and uninteresting ones. As a result, try to keep the length and content of your press release as brief as possible. The journalist will be more interested in your work if you write it shortly and comprehensively.

#5: Craft a compelling pitch

Every day, journalists receive hundreds of pitches. If you must pique their interest and persuade them to accept your press release, you’ll need a strong pitch. Capture the journalist’s attention from the start and keep them wanting to read on until the end by using compelling writing throughout.

To be effective, you must personalize your pitch to the journalist. It will most certainly go in the garbage if you send a generic request. So spend some time researching the journalist’s previous works to discover what genuinely interests them. Send your prepared pitch by email after you’ve finished it, and send it with a personal touch to get the best results.

Do you have an interesting story that you’d like me to cover? Feel free to submit your press releases at our contact us page, or email us at [email protected]!

#6: Choose the right journalist for the job

Don’t just blast a hundred journalists with your release in the hopes that one of them will write about you. Do your homework and figure out which journalist would be interested in your tale — someone who covers a topic.

Should You Use A Press Release Distribution Service?

If you want to make sending out press releases a less stressful experience, consider using a press release distribution service. You can get your article in front of the appropriate people without having to contact any journalists or spend hours researching where to submit your PR.

Distribution services will only charge you a little fee to assist you in obtaining the coverage you require. For an additional price, some of them can even help you write your press release. However, not all press release distribution services are created equal. You’ll need to do your homework carefully before making a decision.

What Are the Factors to Consider When Choosing a Press Release Distribution Service?


Before you sign up for a press release distribution service, check the site’s traffic. Just go to their website or utilize a tool like Alexa’s Traffic Ranking information to get an idea. The greater amount of visitors the service receives, the more likely it is to assist you in achieving your objective.

List of outlets

You’ll also want to see how many media outlets your potential service covers. News websites, media organizations, aggregators, and news content systems are included here. However, while more sources might improve your chances of being covered, it doesn’t assure you’ll get the greatest result. Service with a smaller number of providers has been known to perform better on occasion.

Your target audience

This cannot be overstated. The type of press release distribution service you employ should be determined by your target audience. As a result, you must first figure out who your audience is. After that, based on the information you have about your target audience, choose your best alternative.

Features and add-ons

Examine the extras to see if they are comparable. Is it possible to include video in your press release with this service? Is it possible to add your logo? What about social media sharing, by way of example?


Make sure the service supplies analytics that will allow you to monitor the efficacy of your press release distribution.


Do we need to bring this up? You should always use a service that matches their services and price. It doesn’t imply you’ll get more merely because you paid more. Take a look at how much they charge compared to the service they promised.


You don’t want to pick a press release distribution service that you won’t be able to contact if there are any issues or concerns. So check to see if the firm offers customer support. What do other consumers have to say about them? Also, how responsive is their help? All of these should be considered while selecting a press release distribution business.

Final Note

It’s not guaranteed, but if you’re patient, your press release might receive some coverage. Although there is a negative trend lately in terms of improving SEO, press releases may still be beneficial as part of your SEO strategy. However, approach press releases with good intentions: to create a piece that will be valuable to the audience. We deliver all the other advantages of the press release to you when we put this first.

To make things easier for you, you may outsource the task to a press release distribution firm. However, remember that not all press release distribution firms are equivalent. So, pick one that meets your needs carefully.