Google My Business Posting Services

Google My Business Posting Services

Do you want to improve your marketing strategies with optimized Google My Business posts?

If your company caters to local consumers, you need to keep them engaged on Google My Business. The Google My Business pages are a fantastic tool for increasing organic search visibility. We’ll look at how to create Google My Business articles that entice clients in this piece.

What is a Google My Business Post?

By utilizing your Google My Business listing, you may add more information to your audience by publishing it on the Google My Business site.

The ability to utilize your Google My Business page in a variety of ways is one of the most appealing aspects of it. You may use it to inform your audience about future events, modify your operation hours, distribute special offers with them, promote new goods or services, and share fascinating news.

Google My Business Posting Services

How to Create Google My Business Posts

My Business posts are brief updates used to keep customers informed about your company. The postings are significant since Google places a premium on high-quality data in search results. So you may boost your ranking by providing what your audience wants. For example, if you run a plumbing company in California, you’ll have a better chance of being found if someone searches for “plumber California.”

Here are the steps that you can follow to create posts on your Google My Business page:

Set up and optimize your Google my business page

The first step is to establish a Google My Business profile and optimize it if you don’t already have one. After you’ve created your GMB profile, go online or download the GMB mobile app to publish items.

Select the type of post that aligns with your goals

Go to the left-hand column and click ‘Posts.’ Select the post type from the drop-down menu. Each GMB article usually includes a picture, some text, and a call to action. Some posts also impose time restrictions. Here are some of the kinds of articles you can develop based on your objectives:

What’s new

Announcements and general information about your service are two types of message content that you can create on Facebook. They assist customers in learning more about your service.


This area is for you to list your real-life or online happenings.


Your clients will appreciate the information you provide about limited-time pricing, discounts, coupons, and sales.


You may use the circled square to add product images to your Product tab. You must create each tab separately.

Write your post

The information you provide in your business’s Google My Business profile does not have to be spectacular. There’s a good probability that the material you’re providing will be searched for by your audience. When it comes time to write your articles, keep the following in mind:


Posts have a 1500-character limit, but keep things brief and direct on your Google My Business page. The first 7 to 8 words of the post will be visible above the fold, and readers must click to read the rest of the article. As a result, when delivering your message, you must do so concisely. Except for n that there is a compelling reason to do so, don’t exceed 150 to 300 characters.


The images and videos you submit for your GMB postings are referred to as assets. The photographs or videos must be of good quality. Upload photos or videos that show off your key selling points. For you to turn searchers into paying clients,


Google offers a variety of call-to-action buttons. The choices are determined by your post’s sort. They include things like Order Online, Find Out More, Purchase Now, and many more.

Make sure the call-to-action is connected to a landing page that works. If you’re not the owner of the linked site, make sure it’s one you trust so you don’t break Google’s content rules.

Date range

You need to specify the times and dates that events are offered are valid. Unless a post has a particular date range, all posts will be archived after 7 days.


Before publishing, click “Preview” to view how your post will look when published. Copy-edit and also improve it if necessary. Once the previewed content is okay, click “Publish.” The published post will be shown in the following places:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop, and
  • Google My Business websites

Check your analytics

After you’ve published a few articles, Google has a wealth of fascinating data to look into. Check out how many times your profile has been viewed by your readers (or clients). Then give them more of what they enjoy based on their interactions with your profile.

Focus on quality rather than quantity. Customers view businesses that respond to reviews as more trustworthy than those that do not. As a result, you must ensure that your customer support strategy is monitoring your Google My Business evaluations.

How to Get the Best from Your Google My Business Posts

You’ve now learned how to create a Google My Business profile, so it’s time to learn how to write posts that produce results. These ideas will assist you in getting the greatest impact from your Google My Business postings.

Google My Business Posting Services

Post regularly

Posts that do not have an assigned data range and are more than seven days old will be erased by Google. As a result, it’s critical to update your brand on the Google My Business site so that it is always consistent. This will reassure your clients that the information you provided is current.

It’s easy to overlook this, so make sure you book a brief Google My Business session regularly to create a quick post. It will not cost you anything to maintain your Google My Business profile in good shape. So, concentrate on publishing regularly.

Use high-quality visuals (i.e. images and videos)

Regardless of the sort of information you wish to communicate, you should utilize pictures and videos since consumers retain approximately 95% of the massage when it is presented in a media format.

Ensure you use high-quality pictures and videos for your post (although this is easier said and done especially if you run a small to medium-sized business).

Keep your texts short

One of the most common blunders committed by people submitting content to Google My Business is that they try to use all of the provided characters. In the end, you wind up with a post consisting of 1,500 words. Although it’s great that Google has given you so much space to write, your article should ideally be between 150 and 300 characters

This will not only grab the viewers’ attention, but it will also increase the chance of all your information showing in the post without having to click on the text.

Add keywords in your post

When you’re writing your brief post, include keywords that will boost the relevance of your material and attract searchers. If you’re stumped for words, consider what your consumers want and come up with terms that seem to appeal to them.

Test your call-to-action buttons

A clickable call-to-action button may be added to your GMB post, depending on the kind of article you created. Although you can’t create a unique call-to-action button right now, Google provides some alternatives that you can experiment with. Ensure you A/B test your call-to-action buttons to see the one that is effective in inspiring your audience to take action.

Optimize the landing page

Before you send your landing page live, make sure it’s optimized for your visitors. Whether you’re directing people to a new lead capture website or redirecting them to a fresh blog post, your landing page must be clean and in tune with Google. The action you want users to take is also apparent and simple to discover.

Best Time to Post on Your Google My Business Page

The ideal time to post on GMB is when your audience will be able to view your message, according to Google. Consider the routines of your consumers, their time zones, community plans, and so on. Use this data to figure out when your audience is typically online; that is the best opportunity to publish.

Wrapping Up

Aside from the fact that Google My Business postings are free, they only take a few minutes to produce. Since it is a local-friendly marketing approach, it is critical for a little company wanting to target a certain region.

However, if you’re having trouble coming up with innovative material or keeping up with your Google My Business account, you may always hire a Google My Business posting service provider to take care of the grunt work for you.