Make Money With Virtual Assistants


The People asked and so it is 🔥 😎
Joining us for the Make Money with Virtual Assistants Course is the Delegation Queen herself!
Becca Martin is a delegation queen, 👑👑👑 entrepreneur and social media marketer with a penchant for speed & productivity. She runs her own company 🏎️🏎️ The Speed Up Co, where she outsources to Virtual Professionals and helps others to do the same.
She’s also a content creator & outsourcing consultant. Becca loves helping people learn about entrepreneurship and delegating work so they can focus on what matters most to them.
Also joining us will be the Legend Killer, Williams’s very own Right-hand man, and badass Project Manager 😎👑😎 Franel Vergara Romanillos. Franel is the juice behind William and the team at Rank Fortress.
We have over 20+ Standard operating procedures covering everything from hiring to scouting to actually building out backlinks, websites, GMBs etc.
You will not want to miss this, if you are NOT a GMB Pro this course alone is worth it. Make sure to sign up now!