Technical SEO Fixes

Performance & Page Speed In Compliance with Lighthouse and Gtmetrix

✅ Check for GZIP Compression
✅ Check for HTTP/2
✅ Use a Caching Solution
✅ Minify JS/CSS Files
✅ Resize Large Images at Upload
✅ Compress and Optimize images
✅ Lazy Load Images & Iframes(YouTube embeds, etc)
✅ Update Technology
✅ Optimize Database
Technical SEO Tasks Completed: (We checked to make sure all items below are either set in place and if not then we do so appropriately)
The Foundation
✅ Check & Set Up Google Analytics
✅ Check & Set Up Google Search Console(GSC)
✅ Check & Install an SEO Solution for Your Website
✅ Set Up Uptime Monitoring
✅ Check for About, Contact, Privacy Policy and TOS Pages
✅ Set Up Keyword Rank Tracking
User Experience
✅ Check for Pretty Permalinks
✅ Check the Site is Mobile Friendly
✅ Check the Site Loads Fast
✅ Keep URLs Short
✅ Check and Optimize Your 404 Page
✅ Make it Easy to Share Your Content
✅ Claim Your Brand on Multiple Social Networks
Technical SEO
✅ Check for https
✅ Check for One Single www Version
✅ Fix mixed content
✅ Create a Sitemap & Add it to Google Search Console(GSC)
✅ Create a robots.txt File
✅ Check that URLs have redirects to / or the canonical is set to /
✅ Check and Fix Broken Links
✅ Check and Fix Redirect Chains
✅ Fix Missing and Duplicate Meta Titles and Descriptions
✅ Use Redirects Properly
✅ Check for Index Coverage Issues
✅ Check for Manual Penalties
✅ Keep Pages at Maximum 3 Clicks from Reach
✅ Use “noindex” and “nofollow” Tags Properly
✅ Disable Irrelevant Pages from Being Indexed
On-Page SEO
✅ Check the Target Keyword Matches User Intent
✅ Have the target keyword in URL, Title and Heading
✅ Use Focus Keyword in 1st Paragraph
✅ Use a Single H1 on Each Page
✅ SEO-Oriented Meta Title
✅ Write a Compelling Meta Description
✅ Use Subheadings for Content Hierarchy
✅ Format and Style the Content Properly
✅ Link to Relevant Inner Pages
✅ Never Link to a Page/Website with the Same Anchor the Current Page is Targeting
✅ Name Your Images Properly
✅ Set Images Alt Text
✅ Check for Social Markup
✅ Check Dwell Time and Optimize It
✅ Strike for the Featured Snippet
✅ Don’t Over-Optimize
Mark Rado
Mark Rado
We used Rank Fortress to rebuild our website. William has done an excellent job with the site. There were a few minor bugs that needed to be fixed and he was able to get it fixed very quickly. Throughout the whole process, he was very responsive and helped make the website very nice.
Maxim Minin
Maxim Minin
They built my new website and do a quick and very professional job and now they handle my SEO as well.
Daryl Hairston
Daryl Hairston
Top notch SEO gurus... recommend they be your first call, William and his team have 30 + years of experience... and it shows, I work with RF every chance I get... -d
William and the team were fantastic with the service provided. Regular contact and great results - I would highly recommend them as they are honest and achieved excatly what they said they would.
SixPax Gym
SixPax Gym
I have worked with many marketing agencies in a past, Rank Fortress is the ONE! William understood my business right away.he is patient polite and professional. now leads are coming in on a daily bases, we are only advertising on couple of platforms and results are amazing! saved a ton of $ as well , I am a happy client and I highly recommend you to set up a phone call with him and start dominating.
Jeff Veale
Jeff Veale
We went with William and his team about 3 months ago and since doing so our rankings are now on page 1 and our leads have doubled. Thanks William
Rank Fortress
Rank Fortress
Diven Laxman
Diven Laxman
What an excellent honor to have William Jones to do our business website. This individual is an SEO Specialist and on top of an outstanding web designer. Constantly readily available no matter what time of the day. He will address your call, reply to your messages, and motivate you to upgrade you on the advancement of the web. I was so pleased with how William brought enthusiasm into his work since he exceeds what he had actually ensured. He is not only handling our site but also all our social media too. This guy is such a fantastic real blessing seriously. The very best website designer we have actually ever handled. His costs are very affordable compare to numerous businesses that we understand. Thank you, William Director of Ikonic Media Solutions Photography-- UK ikonicmediasolutions.co.uk
Kira Michele
Kira Michele
William and his team are the best in the business and glad to be working with them.
Wendilyn Amaquin
Wendilyn Amaquin

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