Virtual Assistant Time Clock



One of the biggest issues in running a digital business is keeping up with everyone’s hours. Which, depending on your work culture and needs, can be daunting to track without time-consuming inputs from every single person.


William was struggling with this issue when Franel came up with a great solution for him: they created an app that tracks timing data automatically! With easy clock-ins and out times you’re able to see how much time each employee spends working so there are no excuses left behind by lazy employees who don’t want their pay cut just because they clocked off at 5 pm instead of 6 pm like it says in the contract (who reads those things anyway?).


  • White Labeled with Your Company Logo
  • There’s is also an Admin Form where you can overlook all of its team’s status and will change the worker’s status from Running to Not Running every 10 seconds.
  • The times for each employee are kept within the backend as a table for easy reporting.