Client Prospector

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🤖Automate FB Prospecting🤖

Client Prospector chrome extension also helps you to send automated messages when you get a friend request from someone, When you accept or decline a friend request. So now you can verify a request if its from some real person or a bot. You can also start a conversation just after accepting a friend request or you can let someone know the reason behind declining the friend request.

Enjoy using Client Prospector while you are asleep or busy with your daily work/chores and let it do all the initial work you needed to do to make money from Facebook.

Turn Your Facebook Stories Into A Money Making Lead Generation Machine!
Stories Prospector turns your Facebook Stories into a money making lead generation machine by automating outreach to ANY traffic that lands on ANY of your stories.

It tracks your viewers by engagements & interactions with your stories through polls, reactions & views.

You can then customize an outreach message for each action they took, and apply them in different stories.

The software also stores all analytical data of the current & past stories for you in our cloud server so that you can easily replicate the next winning story.

Use Stories Prospector for lead gen, competition, survey, announcements, offers, invites…..and so much more!

Start tapping into this 500million+ daily user market, and create your next success story!


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