GMB Optimization



1: Google Chrome Store and Search for GMB Crush


2: Install GMB Crush

Step 3: Go to https://maps.google.com/

Step 4: Grab the Business name and Drop in Maps

Step 5: Run the GMB Crush Audit

Step 6: Put Data into a Word Document

Step 7: Compare top 3 to those not in top 3 and more importantly with your GMB

  • NAP (Name Address Phone)
  • Website Link
  • Hours of Operation
  • Payment Methods
  • Categories
  • Description

How Long Can Your Google My Business Description Be? Google has set a limit of 750 characters. This isn’t a lot, so you need to prioritize the details you want to include carefully. Be aware, Google will only display the first 250 characters of your description.

  • Replies to Reviews (Are they using keywords and local in the reply)
  • Posts – How often are they posting
  • What type of copy are they using?
  • Where are the links going (2 per day one being a deep link for a location page or service page shortened through bitly (https://bitly.com/ )and the other being the GMB/CID Link.
  • Are their Questions and Answers Optimized (Use questions clients usually ask and reply back, at least 10 per month using of course keyword and location when possible.)
  • Are they uploading images (optimize and upload 10 per month)
  • Are they using videos?
  • Make sure the GMB is embedded in the contact Page of the website.
  • Make sure to display Google Reviews on the website not just text, we want to use as many Google assets as possible on our website. (Plugin)

Step 8: Use Forms to redirect after filled out to redirect towards the CID (Maps Link of the Business)

Use a javascript redirect from your contact page to your GMB

Step 9: Use any call buttons on your website to redirect to your GMB.