Technical SEO Fixes



Performance & Page Speed In Compliance with Lighthouse and Gtmetrix

✅ Check for GZIP Compression
✅ Check for HTTP/2
✅ Use a Caching Solution
✅ Minify JS/CSS Files
✅ Resize Large Images at Upload
✅ Compress and Optimize images
✅ Lazy Load Images & Iframes(YouTube embeds, etc)
✅ Update Technology
✅ Optimize Database
Technical SEO Tasks Completed: (We checked to make sure all items below are either set in place and if not then we do so appropriately)
The Foundation
✅ Check & Set Up Google Analytics
✅ Check & Set Up Google Search Console(GSC)
✅ Check & Install an SEO Solution for Your Website
✅ Set Up Uptime Monitoring
✅ Check for About, Contact, Privacy Policy and TOS Pages
✅ Set Up Keyword Rank Tracking
User Experience
✅ Check for Pretty Permalinks
✅ Check the Site is Mobile Friendly
✅ Check the Site Loads Fast
✅ Keep URLs Short
✅ Check and Optimize Your 404 Page
✅ Make it Easy to Share Your Content
✅ Claim Your Brand on Multiple Social Networks
Technical SEO
✅ Check for https
✅ Check for One Single www Version
✅ Fix mixed content
✅ Create a Sitemap & Add it to Google Search Console(GSC)
✅ Create a robots.txt File
✅ Check that URLs have redirects to / or the canonical is set to /
✅ Check and Fix Broken Links
✅ Check and Fix Redirect Chains
✅ Fix Missing and Duplicate Meta Titles and Descriptions
✅ Use Redirects Properly
✅ Check for Index Coverage Issues
✅ Check for Manual Penalties
✅ Keep Pages at Maximum 3 Clicks from Reach
✅ Use “noindex” and “nofollow” Tags Properly
✅ Disable Irrelevant Pages from Being Indexed
On-Page SEO
✅ Check the Target Keyword Matches User Intent
✅ Have the target keyword in URL, Title and Heading
✅ Use Focus Keyword in 1st Paragraph
✅ Use a Single H1 on Each Page
✅ SEO-Oriented Meta Title
✅ Write a Compelling Meta Description
✅ Use Subheadings for Content Hierarchy
✅ Format and Style the Content Properly
✅ Link to Relevant Inner Pages
✅ Never Link to a Page/Website with the Same Anchor the Current Page is Targeting
✅ Name Your Images Properly
✅ Set Images Alt Text
✅ Check for Social Markup
✅ Check Dwell Time and Optimize It
✅ Strike for the Featured Snippet
✅ Don’t Over-Optimize