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The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

Tips for Using Google Ads to Improve Your Online Visibility and Create More Local Leads 

In recent years, there have been several important changes in how local companies promote their brands online and attract possible consumers on search engines like Google. More than 80% of individuals looking for local businesses today use Google to help them decide what and where to buy. Everyone utilizes search engines on the internet to obtain what they desire, whether it’s finding a local restaurant or a product that will fit their needs.

The power of search advertising in the mix cannot be overstated, as it is an important aspect of marketing your business online. Search advertisements enable you to target consumers who are more likely to be interested in your goods or services while filtering out those who aren’t.

It also makes it simpler to generate new local consumers since when customers search for a term, product, or service connected to yours in your area from any device – smartphones, tablets, computers, or desktop computers – your brand appears in the local search result pages.

Many local company owners have used Google ads for a long time to attract new consumers and expand their operations in the most efficient way possible, even though many continue to be uncertain about how search advertising may benefit their firms. As a result, they are either not using the platform at all or using it incorrectly.

If you’ve been considering how to use Google advertising to increase your internet marketing efforts, this manual will be of significant assistance. In this article, you’ll learn what Google ads are and why they’re important, as well as how to make the most of them to get the greatest return on your investment.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Ads

Why are Google Ads Important?

The ultimate aim of any company is to be discovered by the appropriate individuals at the perfect time for your business to flourish. This is precisely what Google advertising does. It aids in the placement of your firm or brand in front of consumers who are interested in your product or service at the moment they are considering making a purchase decision.

Given the stiff competition in every sector and niche, local firms must find a way to pique customers’ interests and convert them into consumers. However, this may be tough for a small firm with no traction. So, what can little businesses do to break through the clutter and get clients to hear about their existence? Identifying consumer behavior

The Way People Search is Now Different

Over the previous decade, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of connected gadgets across the world. Only 9 billion connected devices existed worldwide in 2017. The number will jump to around 20.4 billion by 2020, according to a CISCO analysis.

Increased access to the internet has resulted in increased usage of search terms. In the last three years, the number of individuals searching for things like “where can I get” and “near me” using shopping queries such as “where do I buy,” for example, has risen by 200 percent. Mobile searches using phrases such as “best” and “near me” have also jumped by more than 300 percent in the last three years.

The Spike of Voice Search

Voice search is one of the newest internet marketing trends. In 2019, almost 40% of all Americans used voice search on Google to look for information. There are indications that the number will rise by 9.7% to 122.7 million people by 2021 as voice search continues to grow in popularity among Internet users. With voice search’s increasing popularity among the world’s population, Google ads are an essential component of any strategy designed to increase brand awareness and boost sales.

When it comes to Google advertising for your company or brand, as well as content writing, you must think about how to make your message voice-search friendly. It’s worth noting that voice search algorithms are based on natural discussion rather than computerized search queries. As a result, you should start including more long-tail keywords and phrases that customers are likely to use when looking for your products or services.

“Who is the greatest roofing company near me?” vs. “What is the best roofer?” or, “What is the finest roofing business?” are excellent examples of this.

Google Searches; Insights into What People Are Searching for

The COVID-19 epidemic has altered consumers’ interactions with businesses significantly. In many situations, local enterprises have become the most convenient and safe alternatives for clients as a result of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

The Global Connected Consumer Index reveals that in the year following the epidemic, 28 percent more customers are shopping online every week. Also, “unemployment lawyer near me” searches have increased by up to 250%. As a business owner, you must be aware of what your potential consumers want at all times and make adjustments to your all-around strategy accordingly.

What Are the Benefits of Using Google Ads?

When you look for a phrase on Google, you see that a few companies appear on the first page. Those are brands and firms who have figured out how to rank their enterprises highly in search engine result pages (SERP). Organic results, on the other hand, do not appear in search results. Paid advertising may be seen near the top of the page or on the right side.

Google advertisements are displayed in Google SERPs for relevant search phrases. These firms paid Google to show their ads to people searching on Google Search and Google Maps for relevant terms. Let’s go through how Google adverts function quickly:

When you create a Google ad campaign, you choose the target audience for the ad. Do you want your ad to be shown only to individuals in your city or throughout the country? After you’ve decided that, add photos and develop converting text to help Google comprehend the features that make your company distinct. You’ll also need to establish a spending limit for the ad campaign.

As soon as your business is verified by Google, it will be sent to people who are inside your target market. As more individuals see and click your ads, Google will begin deducting from your budget until nothing remains to sustain the campaign. Your advertisements will then stop displaying at this stage. That’s just the basic concept of how Google adverts work.

So, what’s the appeal of Google advertising?

It offers flexibility

Flexibility is one of the most appealing features of Google advertising that many digital marketers enjoy. The system offers a variety of marketing tools to businesses of all sizes and types, as well as flexibility. Importantly, Google ads work with a wide range of software systems and marketing platforms on the market.

As well as trigger the autoresponder, you can also direct Google ads to contact individuals at specified times via the programmable autoresponder. You may also tailor your campaign to appeal to particular categories of people by adding or removing keywords. For example, you could target consumers depending on where they reside or their preferred device for searching. You may also add keywords to your ad copy so that it appears when individuals search for specific things.

The nicest thing is that you may choose your campaign’s budget.

#2: It allows you to generate more leads and customers

Leads are the lifeblood of any company. If you want to generate more leads for your business, Google is the most effective option. Google advertisements may bring a large number of excellent and targeted leads to your website, landing page, or opt-in forms if done correctly.

#3: It provides a high return on investment (ROI)

Google Adwords is based on a pay-per-click business model. You will be charged only when people click your advertisements, not when they merely view them. As a result, you may be confident that your budget would provide an excellent return if your ad campaigns are properly optimized. The system is completely open, which you may rely on Google’s data.

#4: It makes achieving fast results possible

Google has a long history of assisting local business owners in obtaining quick and high-quality effects with their marketing. The platform offers an easy-to-use dashboard that displays a comprehensive statistics report on how your advertisements have performed over the last several days. That implies you can monitor your development based on factors like ad impressions, clicks, keyword searches, and so forth.

#5: It gives you access to quality sources of traffic

Google is the most popular search engine in the world, with 86 percent of the market. Every second, Google receives 70,000 queries. That equals almost 227 million searches an hour and 5.4 billion searches each day, making it the ideal location to advertise your business.

Google’s focus on quality and relevance is exemplified by its continual effort to improve its algorithms to provide both consumers and companies with a better online experience. That said, you may feel confident that Google will deliver high-quality traffic that is relevant to your business. 

#6: It helps you gain insights into your market

Understanding your customers’ wants, why they want them, and how they go about finding them online is critical to any successful campaign. Google has a huge wealth of data that can help you design effective advertisements and content that connect with your target audience. For example, Google provides access to market information so you may develop better goods, services, or the mix of products and services you offer.

Google provides accurate insights into customer behavior, which can come in handy when you are looking to make changes to your campaign, especially in terms of keyword selection, demography, and other valuable parameters.

Google Search Advertising

When you think about Google, many individuals instantly recall only about Google Search. While Google search appears to be the most popular and essential Google service, the Internet giant has established seven additional platforms to meet the distinct requirements of customers. As a result, you’ll have more options for online marketing and reaching your target demographic by using multiple platforms simultaneously. The following are:

  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Gmail
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Play
  • Android

When a campaign is active, your listing will have a better chance of showing at the top of search results for relevant keywords relating to your product, service, or business.

Google does not show advertisements to users in response to their queries unless they are most relevant. Users may only receive results that are most relevant to their search inquiries, even if they pay for advertising. Google considers a variety of criteria to pick the top ranking site for certain keywords. Location, time, and date are just a few examples. To demonstrate, if you are looking for sushi restaurants in your area, Google may provide more relevant results to users who go online during dinner hours.

Local Service Ads

When consumers conduct local searches for a certain establishment’s name, Google displays advertisements with a local search intent at the top of the results page. This part of the SERP is utilized to show local businesses to customers. As a result, it’s a critical location for local businesses since it allows them to reach out and make a good first impression on potential customers who need similar services.

Another essential component in the paid search sector on Google’s SERP is Google advertising. Google advertisements may appear on the page in a variety of locations, including at the bottom, next to the local advertising section, or on the right-hand side. When user queries are matched to your ad keywords, Google will display your company listing in this area.

Google My Business

Another prominent aspect that users may come across in search results is Google My Business or GMB, which is a vital tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online press on Google including Google Search and Maps. If properly utilized, GMB can help you create more targeted leads to your website while boosting foot traffic to your physical location.

It means you’ve been missing out on money for your competition if you haven’t yet created a GMB account. A local company with a complete and optimized GMB profile has a greater chance of ranking highly in both Search and Maps for its target keywords because Google utilizes the information found on GMB profiles, including the sort of product or service offered, the company address, and the number of employees. As a result, you need to use GMB profiles if you want to reduce your missed opportunities while enhancing your exposure in local search results.

The good news is that GMB is completely free and may be used by any organization. You may also use it to complement your paid search efforts. All you have to do now is set up your free GMB profile and provide all of the information requested.

Organic Search

Organic search, sometimes known as natural search, refers to non-paid or compensated search results. In contrast to your paid search outcomes, which are generated via a bidding system, organic search results are determined by the relevance of internet content to the user’s query, backlinks, domain authority, click-through rate, and other organic ranking criteria.

It may take months to position a website at the top of Google’s first page, as opposed to weeks with paid search advertising. Many businesses enlist the services of professional SEOs (SEO specialists) to guarantee that their websites meet the ranking criteria. Despite this, achieving organic search rankings is extremely difficult because it is completely free and you can quickly be outranked by your competition.


YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and one of Google’s top three properties, which means your videos could be displayed directly on YouTube or even end up on Google’s first page simply because you’re ranking well on YouTube.

Best Practices for Running a Successful Search Campaign

Listed below are a few of the factors that can determine where your ad appears on the search result page. Many things influence your ad’s position, including: 

  • Ad quality
  • Bid
  • Competition
  • Landing page quality
  • Context of the user’s search

Fortunately, you have some influence over your ad ranking position by optimizing your campaign. Here’s a list of some methods to improve the prominence of your display advertisement on the search result page:

Create goal-based campaigns

Before you start an ad campaign, it is necessary that you have a clear purpose in mind. Is your goal to increase the number of people who visit your website? Do you want more individuals to sign up for your email list?

Make sure your objectives are clear, quantifiable, and feasible. There is no need to compare yourself to others when it comes to achievement. Two firms may not have the same aim. You might have distinct objectives for different campaigns and phases of your business growth.

Here are some examples of goals that you might establish for your campaign:

  • Grow website traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Increase brand awareness and reach
  • Attract more qualified leads
  • Boost brand and product recognition

To reach the right people, you’ll need to target your advertisements.

Choosing the wrong audience segment can hurt your campaign’s success and waste money. This, however, goes beyond picking the appropriate keywords for your ad. You want to target individuals who are more likely to be interested in your products or services. A vegetarian is less likely to respond favorably if you target an ad about your poultry goods on him or her.

Here are some of the criteria you consider while selecting the appropriate audience for your ad campaign:

Audience demographic i.e., age, gender, occupation, religion, etc.

Devices i.e., mobile, desktop, or tablet

Locations i.e. city, county, or country  


Exclusions – blocking off anyone or group that does not fall within your target audience

Negatives – removing anything, such as keywords that are not relevant to your campaign objective

Furthermore, if you want to reach the individuals who are most likely to be interested in what you have to say, you must figure out things about them. Trying to figure out their problems and passions, as well as their goals and aspirations can be very advantageous to you.

Use ad groups and keywords

An ad group is a collection of ads that have similar targets. Ad groups may be used to make it easier for you to select relevant keywords in your campaigns. You’ll also need some compelling ad copy to refer to each ad group. This assists you in boosting your quality rating and obtaining the greatest results from your campaigns by connecting back to the various ad groups and the keywords you’ve used.

The effectiveness of your marketing campaign is closely related to the use of relevant keywords. Although there are other elements to consider, including choosing appropriate keywords in your campaign improves your chances of showing at the top of search result pages when people look for items, services, or keywords that are linked to your business. Your ad will be able to attract the correct audience when you use keywords that are closely related to your business.

Types of Keywords

Long-tail keywords: These are often broad keywords that are used to pique the interest of consumers while they perform broad searches. In some situations, these kinds of keywords may be identical to those utilized by your rivals.

Exact match keywords: Exact match keywords allow you to reach customers who are looking for the same terms that you are bidding on or their variations. “Near me” is a frequent term in exact match keywords. They’re highly valuable and competitive to rank for.

Phrase match keywords: A phrase match occurs when you choose keywords that include a certain phrase. That is, Google will only compare your ad to terms that include the term you select. For example, if you provide tree care services, you might use phrases such as “best tree care service” or “tree care service near me.” When these words are targeted at local consumers, the phrase match keyword is quite effective.

Create compelling messages to draw your audience in

It’s one thing for prospects to discover your ad, but it’s another thing entirely for them to click on it and take the action you want. Getting web visitors to convert necessitates a compelling call-to-action (CTA) as well as highly compelling ad copy.

When writing a marketing message for your campaign, you should make sure it’s understandable to your target audience. Also aim for relevant keywords, confidence indicators, and a clear call-to-action.

You should also make sure your landing page and website are optimized to attract visitors. Your landing page should be simple to use, intuitive, and improve the user experience as a whole.

Track your progress and optimize your campaigns

When it comes to advertising, tracking the effectiveness of a campaign is extremely important. In your ad campaign, you can include call tracking. This allows you to see how many people phoned your ad while it was running. Other monitoring techniques include web form tracking and internet chats.

Take action now and grow your business

If you don’t use Google advertising, you are possibly giving an advantage to your competitors. The platform gives you a quick, easy, and cheap method to gain more high-quality leads for your websites while also increasing income. Adding Google advertisements to your marketing strategy can help you achieve the greatest outcomes from your marketing efforts whether you are a small business owner or you are thinking of starting a new business.

If you’re looking for a local SEO firm to help you evaluate your present marketing methods and improve their performance and reach, then you should contact one. Are you unsure whether or not to work with a local SEO agency? Make sure that any of the following statements apply to you:

It may appear to be a simple procedure, but I wouldn’t want to make any mistakes when advertising on Google.

Setting up and running internet advertising campaigns might take time and require effort. I don’t believe I have the time to do it because there are so many more essential elements of my business that need my attention.

It’s difficult to find a cheap in-house digital marketer that knows how Google marketing works.

If you concur with any of the preceding points, you should locate a trustworthy business growth firm. Finding the appropriate one may seem difficult, but it will pay off in the end.